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To treat one thing, the whole must be considered

Fibromyalgia (FM) was formerly decribed as an inflammatory musculoskeletal disease. Now that we now much more about FM, it has been discovered that it primarily effects the Central Nervous System. It is not a disease, but a syndrome. As a result, it develps disorder in the function of the body and a causes a disharmonious rhythm in the body’s natural energetic flow, afecting the spinal cord and brain, causing the person to feel;

  • Global musculoskeletal pain
  • Accompanied by poor quality sleep
  • Followed by fatigue
  • Memory fog (Fibro fog)
  • Possible bladder & Digestion issues 
  • Gut symptoms

Many who have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia can experience depression or mood disorders. This syndrome is a very complex disorder, with a collection of symptoms that vary dependant on the individual person. One person will have different symptoms than another person and the intensity of their symptoms may vary from one person to another.

Due to this vast symptomatic scope, the practitioner needs to be very flexible in their approach to supporting people with
Fibromyalgia. No two cases are the same. Pain may be very specific to the client and their experiences in the body will be very individual. 

For the practitioner to support their client, they need to learn how the client's body got to be DIS-RHYTHMED in the first place? WHERE did it all start & WHY?

Often these answers can start from childhood.
Symptoms sometimes begin during or are triggered after:

  • Childhood abuse / Physical trauma
  • Significant stress levels
  • Severe emotions: Rejections, death, relationship break downs
  • Family disputes
  • Negative thoughts: Self Doubt, judgment, self-criticism, comparison
  • Past traumas
  • Past experiences of pain, Surgery, Injuries
  • Infection or severe illness. Common illnesses:            Glandular fever, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Revisiting all or some of the above with a psychologist is not always enough. Looking at how your body can be supported as you unpack and shift old traumas, is essential. 

Food, nutrition, purposeful and tailored exercise, as well as therapies that support you with your sleep rhythms are also foundational. While there is no proven cure for Fibromyalgia, a variety of new choices in your life and how you respond to your pain can certainly support you and your body.
Widespread Pain
It can be described as globalised musckeletal pain. It can be triggered by stress,  illness or an accident. Pain may be worse in the morning with chronic stiffness in the body. 
Poor Sleep Quality
Poor sleep, lack of sleep, the inability to fall asleep, undescribable ityness whilst trying to sleep is one of the core features of fibromyalgia. 
Tiredness & Fatigue
Tiredness and fatigue affects concentration and can cause brain fog (Fibro Fog), making it challenging to work, study or develop a Quality of Life (Livingness) 
Cognitive Dysfunction
To complain of symptoms such as, brain fog, memory loss, Long & short term, the ability to concentrate and the inability to find the right words, whilst finding it difficult to have a fluent flow in your expression, are common every day experiences for some one with FM.
Mood & Depression 
Anxiety or depression can be experienced in people with FM. Most importantly, people who suffer high levels of anxiety and/or depression may have higher pain levels within their body. 

Understanding | Acceptance | Forgiveness |Self Commitment

Forgiving and having a loving understanding of yourself, is often the biggest factor in self healing. Self-compassion is a skill most of us need to rebuild and develop.

  • Have you been bashing yourself up every time you ate, drunk, medicated too much to dull the pain?
  • Are you telling yourself off because you should've had a better diet 10 years ago or exercised more?
  • Do you have moments when you feel you may have failed as a parent because you find yourself yelling at your kids when your real frustration is with the constant pain levels in your body?

All of this excites your Central Nervous system and can increase your pain SENSITIVITY. It all has to go somewhere in your body. It could be your back, neck, knee, sciatic nerve or a different number of locations, widespread and multiple at a time. 


Begin developing a supportive & harmonious rhythm through your choices of what you do & how you move your body, rebuild your relationships with self and others. Heal your hurts & find the true you...

“Everything is energy”  
~ Albert Einstein

“So therefore everything is because energy”
~ Serge Benhayon

"The quality of our movement will define our next choice"

~ Rachel Walsh 

“Our greatest form of medicine is to live as WHO WE TRULY ARE”

~ Serge Benhayon
Health Programs

With the FIBRO FIT & FABULOUS program, our practitioner can show you how and where to start. To treat one thing, the whole must be considered...Therapy sessions focused on the mind-body relationship, self-connection, meditation, and movement can help support pain, fatigue, mood, and sleeplessness. Our 6 month pain support program is broken down into 3 x 8 week intervals. You will be monitored & reviewed every 8 weeks to see how you are going and to make any adjustments to your program.

The programs may involve deeply nurturing Hands on Treatment -

  • Esoteric Massage Therapy 
  • Connective Tissue Therapy
  • Chakra-puncture
  • Weight Support, Diet + Nutrition advice
  • Cognitive thinking therapy
  • Gentle Exercise Prescription & Training 
  • Diet + Nutrition Advice

Simple choices make a difference. Choosing to eat healthy is the way to go. With an understanding that our food can help treat inflammation, it makes even more sense to eat healthy. Weight puts pressure on your entire body and joints. Weight can sensitize your pain receptors in your joints & hips. Belly fat/fat tissue produces inflammatory hormones that produces pro-inflammatory chemicals and symptoms in the body. People with serious weight problem have also the potential to increase bone degeneration. Unwanted weight can cause knee issues

Consultation includes:

Body Mass Index (BMI) measurements
Support to understand how your nutrition affects your mood and your body
Learning the foods & drinks that produce inflammation in the body
Learning what foods, herbs & spices help reduce inflammation
Gentle Exercise Training

Your therapist can help you appropriately match the type of exercises needed for your body’s true level of fitness. This approach can avoid any unnecessary pushing and forcing of the body, which can prevent over training. Overtraining can lead to increased pain, discomfort and lethargy.

Training Therapy includes:

  • Movement Therapy
  • Range of motion
  • Flexibility
  • Balance + Therapy band
  • Graded motor imagery
  • Strength Training

Cognitive Thinking Therapy Included with your Treatments

How do your thoughts respond to your pain? Fibromyalgia pain can take an emotional toll on your health. Cognitive thinking therapy can help let go of old pain and improve your overall physical function whilst the body disposes of ill energy. When you are chronically ill, it is challenging to feel motivated and find positive thoughts so that you can make the changes and choices in your life that will start to heal you.

Fibro fog can make it difficult to see the opportunities that can support you to heal your behaviours – through exercise, diet, the quality of your thoughts and how you move in and with your body.

This therapy can assist you with exploring the ideals and beliefs you hold about what is happening with your body and re-imprinting your self-talk and looking at the way you respond and or react to your painarresting the magnification of pain thought patterns – thoughts such as:

  • “This pain controls my life”
  • “No one believes me, they think it’s all in my head”
  • “Everyone thinks I’m a hypochondriac”
  • “Surely this level of pain means I have cancer”

8 week Program 

EXERCISE Presciption

Save $100

Health Assessment & Lifestyle Questionnaire 
Pre-Exercise Screen & Physical Assessment 
Presentation of Exercise Precsription
Review for exercise program
Final Assessment

Can be paid in full or
8 weekly payments of $42.50

16 week Program


Save $200

Health Assessment & Lifestyle Questionnaire
Pre-Exercise Screen & Physical Assessment 
Presentation of Exercise Precsription

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy
Esoteric Massage Therapy

Reviews for exercise

Final Assessment

Can be paid in full or
16 weekly payments of $46.88

6 month Program

EXERCISE Prescription
Treatments + Diet & Nutrition

Save $400

Health Assessment & Lifestyle Questionnaire,
Pre-Exercise Screen & Physical Assessment 
Presentation of Exercise Precsription
Review for program plan & final Assessment

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy
Esoteric Chakra-puncture
5 -day Diet & Nutrition Advice Assessment & Advice
Reviews for exercise
Physical Re-assessment

Detailed discussion moving forward

Can be paid in full or
24 weekly payments of $41.66

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