ABOUT Francisco Clara
Remedial Massage & Esoteric Body Work
Francisco Clara is trained and qualified in Remedial,
Therapeutic and Esoteric Massage, Connective Tissue
Therapy, Structural Alignment and Sacred Esoteric Healing.

With over 13 years experience in the complementary health industry, Francisco has held management and practitioner roles in 5 star luxury spas and now runs his own business working in multiple clinics Australia wide.

Francisco Clara

Dip Rem Mass, EPA Acc Level 3

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How can Fransisco support you & your Body
Francisco teaches Remedial Massage at a national level and is passionate about supporting students in their study of relaxation, remedial, deep tissue and sports massage.

With an integral understanding of health and wellbeing and the impact of everyday day life, Francisco’s approach to massage considers both the physical and energetic aspects and lifestyle choices of the individual, that might be contributing to the tension, muscular imbalances or pain being experienced, offering clients an opportunity of deep self-connection and harmony within their bodies.
Francisco supports clients to build a greater level of body awareness in which they can understand the impact of their movements and lifestyle choices on their body and therefore, how these aspects contribute to any ill conditions or tensions they may be experiencing.


Services Francisco Offers:

  • Remedial Massage
  • Esoteric Massage and Bodywork
  • Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy
  • Structural Bodywork
  • Esoteric Healing
Remedial Massage
Esoteric Massage

Francisco offers remedial massage, which is very supportive for general muscle tension or chronic pain such:

  • Lower back pain
  • Neck and shoulder tension  
  • Migraines
  • Limited range of motion

​Treatments are tailored for the client’s specific needs and may involve a combination of relaxation and deep-tissue techniques.

Esoteric Massage is a gentle form of therapy that approaches treatment in consideration of the whole person and not merely the problematic part or aspect presented. This is a gentle experience allowing the client the space to surrender and let go of deeply held tensions within their bodies.

In this form of massage there are no impositions such as manipulation or adjustments, hard pressure or pain.
Clients often experience greater connection with themselves and therefore greater body awareness,
more freedom in their movement and an increased level of vitality in their lives.

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