HEALTH Program 
Immune System Support 
Supporting & developing resilience in the body
Develop adaptability in immune system response


Lung weakness leading lowered immunity. frequently catching colds or Flu.

Alergies due to overactive immune response
When we think of the immune system,
we often think in terms of

Colds | Flu | Infections | Inflammation.

The immune system is an innate system, designed to protect us from bacteria, viruses and other toxins. This intelligent system learns as we grow and develop.

When the immune system gets over whelmed, it loses the ability to recognise " Self " and " not self "– in this state a person can find them selves ‘ Taking on other people’s stuff ’ and thinking it is their own. When we take on stress or another person's emotions our immune system gets affected.

For example: what we call a ‘ Common Cold ’ can sometimes be the body's way of discharging or clearing energy.

The Immune support program is designed to be specifically tailored to your individual needs. Whether you have

  • Simply got a virus that you're finding hard to shake off

  • Frequently feeling run down and constantly getting colds or chest infections 
  • You are recovering from a long-term illness

This program can offer a great level of support. During this program we will identify the areas of weakness that may be contributing to your vulnerability to illness.



Low Vitality
Low vitality and adrenal exhaustion leading to slow recovery from illness or constant relaspe

Excessive stress leading to lowered resistance
 6 week Program 
$400 Save $80
Can be paid in full or in weekly payments $66.65 per session

8 week Program 
$540 Save $100
Can be paid in full or in weekly payments $67.50 per session

12 week Program 
$800 Save $160
Can be paid in full or in weekly payments $66.65 per session

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