1. Fibro Fit & Fabulous
    Fibromyalgia (FM) is not a muscle problem, nor is it a disease, it is a syndrome. It is a disorder in the function of the body and a disharmonious rhythm in the body’s natural energetic flow. It can be described as; global musculoskeletal pain, accompanied by poor quality sleep, followed by fatigue, memory fog, possible bladder issues and gut symptoms. Many who have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia can .......
  2. Immune Support
    This program is designed to support and develop resilience in the body. When we think of the immune system we often think in terms of colds, flu, infections and inflammation. Whether you have simply got a virus that you're finding hard to shake off, frequently feeling run down and constantly getting colds or chest infections or whether you are recovering from a long-term illness. This program can offer a great level of support...........
  3. Stress & Anxiousness
    Living with stress and anxiousness is an all too common way of life for many people. Anxiousness can lead to a feeling of overwhelm and thinking that you are not enough to handle what’s is ahead of you. The Stress and Anxiousness program can support you to return to living from the inside out rather than the outside in ( reacting to life and situations in a state of fight or flight ). There are many things that can...... contribute to a sense of Anxiety in the body . Time pressures, family or social obligations and work stress, including the expectation to perform or be a certain way
  4. Chronic Pain Managment
    Coming soon
  5. Chakra-puncture Detox Program
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  6. Chakra-puncture Detox
    Coming Soon
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