ABOUT Rachel Walsh
Exercise Professional Since 2008
With over 10 years as a Practitioner & Specialised Exercise Trainer, Rachel offers a very personalised approach towards Exercise and Self Discovery. Together with her wisdom and extensive knowledge of the human body, she brings a lived understanding of Self-Care, Nutrition, Exercise and movement Therapy that is both evolutionary and unique.

Careful consideration to any ailments within the body, are noted during your initial consultation and reviewed regularly during your time with Rachel. Integrating your therapy with movement and exercise can have many noticeable benefits – by bringing the body back to its true energetic flow, both health and function can be improved.

With True Fitness, therapy and the right direction, you can develop stronger foundational rhythms and achieve consistency and balance in your everyday livingness.
Rachel is currently studying a Degree in Exercise Science. She is looking forward to completing a Masters in Clinical Exercise Science and Rehabilitation and on this achiement, Rachel can practice as an Clinical Exercise Physiologist.

Rachel Enjoys learning new things but most of all, Rachel likes to apply what she has learnt into her own livingness. From there, this knowledge can become lived wisdom  and shared in truth to her clients. This is her proven model to being fit-for-lilfe. 

Rachel Walsh
Dip.Fit | Ex.Prof L2 | EPA Acc (EM)(CTT)

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Where are you at ?

Would it be true to say that there are alot of us that would like to be healthy, look good, feel good, have lots of energy, but still not exercise whilst eating chocalate, or chips and never cook vegetables?

Well if we didnt have a body, we could possibly get away with it! However, we do have bodies and they require self-love, nurturing and the right type of fuel to keep us going throughout our lives.

Both men & women tend to lose  muscle mass and Bone density during their adult years, reflecting changes in diet and activity levels. As a result in many cases, body fat continues to increase and if you are over 40-yrs, you may have noticed that this fat is or has accumulated around the abdomen area. Unfortunately if this is you, you are at higher risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis obesity &/or diabetes......

And if you are reading this and thinking ...
"This can't happen to me" You need to ask your self this:

  1. Do I eat a variety of vegetables every day?
  2. Do I exercise regulary?
  3. Do I know enough about health & exercise?

If you answered "NO" to the questions above, 
You may be starting to think that you may:

  1. Lack the Time to exercise !
  2. Lack the energy to exercise !
  3. Lack the motivation to exercise !
  4. Lack the consistency to keep an exercise rythm going !
  5. Or thinking that you dont have space to exercise !
  6. I'm too lazy !
  7. I dont have the money to spend on exercise !

As a freebie...let me give you a few awesome reasons why
I highly recommend that you ponder on why exercise and physical activity is fabulous for you...

  1. Weight Control
  2. Reduce risk of chronic disease
  3. Reduction in stress & depression
  4. Develop inner/outer confidence
  5. ​Time to connect with yourself
  6. Socializing 

Relationship of Exercise and your connection to YOU

​Rachel can help you develop a deeper understanding of the physiology of your body and how illness and disease may be affecting you. If you have an injury or are pre or post-surgey, Rachel can help you to better understanding your body's healing process and how to cope with the changes that occur mentally and physically during this process.

Your relationship that you have with your body, the choices you make in life and your attitude toward physical activity, can be reflected in your bodies health and how you feel living in that body. 

There has always been a senseless and confusing haggle over who knows what is best for you and your body. You can google an array of diffrent diets that promise you miracles and trainers that swear by this technique and that technique. We have many professionals all presenting their own interpretations. However, there is a simple and innate way to move and connect with your body.

Rachel has tools to share that can guide you to a deeper connection  to the innate wisdom that already lies within you. Through inner connection, quality of movement and having fun, you may begin to evolve into your own personal trainer and health guru, empowering you to have the confidence to make your own choices that will support your body's health and well-being.

Connection | Movement | Fun

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Important information
we should all be aware of

Chronic Conditions

Chronic Conditions are the leading cause of illness, disability & mortality in Australia​1

How common are Chronic Diseases in Australia ?

1 in every 2 Australians aged under 65-yr has atleast one Chronic Condition​2
3 in every 5 Australians 
aged over 65-yr has atleast two Chronic Conditions​2 

Do you Suffer From.....

  • Arthritis   
  • Asthma  
  • Back Pain
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • COPD
  • Diabetes
  • Mental Health Conditions
  • Chronic Body Pain
  • ​Anxiety & Depression
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6 Common Conditions & Diseases in Australia 

Muskuloskeletal Conditions | Cardiovascualr Disease
Renal & Metabolic Disease


Disease of Circulatory System




Chronic Kidney Disease


Back Pain





Risk Factors to Health

Behavioural Risk Factors to Health

Behavioural Risk factors are those behaviours
that people have the most ability to modify or 
make different choices

93 %

Inadequate Vegetable Consumption

Insufficient Physical Activity
56 %
Inadequate Fruit Consumption
50 %
*Excessive Alcohol Consumption

18 %

Tobacco Smoking 2016

12.8 %

* Consumed more than 2 standard drinks per day in 2016

Biomedical Risk Factors

Biomedical Risk factors are bodily states that
are often influneced by behavioural risk factors

High Blood Pressure 

63 %
Over Weight or Obese 
63 %

Abnormal Blood Lipids (Dislipidaemia)


Impaired Fasting Glucose


* Latest findings 2011-12 + 2015-16

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