Stress & Anxiousness
HEALTH Program
Living with stress and anxiousness
is an all too common way of life for many people
Time Pressures
Our body has an inbuilt system in order to deal with immediate threats to our safety.
This was useful in days gone by whereby we may have gone into “fight or flight” to escape predators or imminent danger. Today it is almost as if time is the predator and for many people this causes a continuous state of elevated nervous and adrenal energy.

Family Expectations
Anxiousness can lead to a feeling of overwhelm and thinking that you are not enough to handle what’s ahead of you. During this 6 week program, we will assist you to reconnect to your body in a way that will build a sense of space and confidence.

The Stress and Anxiousness program can support you to return to living from the inside out ( being centred and dealing with things as they arise ) rather than the outside in ( reacting to life and situations in a state of fight or flight ).

There are many things that can contribute to a sense of Anxiety in the body . Time pressures, family or social obligations and work stress, including the expectation to perform or be a certain way are some common situations that most of us have experienced.

We can end up feeling that we are being driven by things that are out of our control. We will often start to anticipate what may happen in certain situations causing the body to be in a constant state of readiness and unrest. This way of being elevates the nervous system and can cause our adrenal glands to release adrenaline as we prepare for a challenge that may or may not occur.

In my practice, a common thing that clients with long term anxiety tell me, is that that they often feel a sense of dread. They lose trust in their ability to do what is required of them.

The primary focus of the Stress and Anxiousness  program is to restore a sense of connection to the body. This involves being able to deepen our acceptance of where we find ourselves in life, so that we are not resisting and fighting.


The expectation to be a certain way can lead to great anxiety for many people. Conformity and loyalty to the family ways is something that can bring a lot of pressure.
The way we then express ourselves may not be truly who we feel we are deep down inside. There can often be quite a lot of guilt attached to not following family expectations.

Social Obligations
Often we are encouraged from an early age to try and fit in. It can sometimes seem easier to just go along with what others are doing in order to not stand out or be picked on. The need to be accepted and liked creates an internal pressure and is a common driver of anxiety.

Work & Fiancial Obligations

This is a major driver of anxiety and stress for many people. Work and financial stress often activates a deep survival mechanism which then influences the choices we make.

Stress & Anxiousness Program 
The Stress and Anxiousness program is run over 6 consecutive weekly sessions . There will be a consultation component in each session which allows us to tailor the treatments individually for what is needed at the time.

Week 1 and 2

Re-connection & Re-balance - These sessions work to restore a connection back to the physical body. They can assist in providing a stop moment - like a reset - where the built up tension can be released from the body.

Week 3 and 4

Deepening Acceptance - These sessions work to support and settle the Nervous System whilst helping to clear the hardness held in the chest and shoulders. This allows you to let go of resistance and promote an attitude of openness and acceptance, go with the flow!

Week 5 and 6

Developing confidence and commitment to life - These sessions work to support you in the way that you move forward in life. By deepening your connection to the truth in your heart you are supported to develop the confidence to back yourself without the need for self criticism and judgment.

Cost : $480 for 6 sessions paid weekly at $80 

Up front payment is $360 a saving of $120