Esoteric Connective Tissue 
Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is a deeply stilling form of hands on treatment. It supports the body in the restoration back to it’s natural flexible state, increasing a more fluid, true movement within the body. It allows a space for the client to feel safe to surrender. Stressfull every day situations, built up emotions and the physical body are able to be let go, encouraging a deeper energetic connection to self.
A feeling of spaciousness in the body and fluidity in movement can be felt after a session. It is wonderful for chronic pain, sleepnessness, stress, anxiety, depression and past or present injuries to the body. The session is 60-minutes. 6 or 8 week programs are offered to support ongoing issues that you feel you may need extra support with. 
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Esoteric Chakrapuncture
Esoteric Chakra-puncture is a complementary therapy which is based on the science of the body’s energy centres, known in ancient texts as chakras and nadis. An Esoteric Chakra-puncture session is deeply restorative and re-balancing for the whole being. People often describe a lightness of being and sense of space in the body.

Very fine needles are gently placed in specific patterns on the body. The client is then left to relax as the body recognises the tension it has been holding and is supported to surrender and let go. Expanded  levels of self awareness are often connected to during a course of Chakra-puncture sessions, leading to a deepening of acceptance and greater focus in the way we move forward through life.

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Remedial Massage and Esoteric Body Work
​Esoteric Massage is a gentle form of therapy that approaches treatment in consideration of the whole person and not merely the problematic part or aspect presented. This is a gentle experience allowing the client the space to surrender and let go of deeply held tensions within their bodies. In this form of massage there are no impositions such as manipulation or adjustments, hard pressure or pain.

Clients often experience greater connection with themselves and therefore greater body awareness, more freedom in their movement and an increased level of vitality in their lives.
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Individualised Exercise Therapy
Individualised Exercise Prescription supports you with disease/illness management and prevention and can support with pain, injuries and post surgery. Strength Training at Inner-health Care is offered in a very gentle & self-loving way to help you achieve strength and/or endurance in your body to support your everyday livingness.

Connective Tissue Exercise is also becoming very popular. It supports the rythm & flow of the connective tissue allowing a feeling of spaciousness & fluidity of movement in the body. It is deeply stilling and allows you the space to build a deeper relationship with your connection to self & your body. Highly recomended for chronic pain.

Due to the increase in Osteoporosis, balance & fall prevention training is an essential service offered at Inner-Health Care, it is also a fun component given to most clients  as part of their programs.  
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Herbal Medicine & Nutritional Supplements
Herbal medicine and nutritional supplements can be a great support in building or re-establishing a strong, resilient and vital body.

Our body will always move towards harmony and knows what it needs to do to restore a healthy balance. The right combination of herbs and nutrients can support the body to regain an adaptability which can be lost during periods of stress or illness.   
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